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Area Rug Cleaning

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Area Rug Cleaning Service

professional area rug cleaning

Area rug cleaning is a highly specialized task, and at Badger, we have the equipment and training to handle your area rug cleaning needs.

We provide rug cleaning service for area rugs of all shapes and sizes. Rugs are especially prone to collecting dirt and soil quickly, and the build-up can be more difficult to remove if left untreated for a long time. Badger Carpet Care has the solution to keep your area rugs looking and smelling their best, and feeling clean and soft under your feet.

Badger Carpet Care is your local, family-owned, full-service area rug cleaner. And as the owner and operator of Badger Carpet Care, Gary Dietzo personally does each rug-cleaning job on-site, at your home.

We know that to build your trust, we must provide excellent service and workmanship by focusing on your total service experience. Serving Wisconsin customers in Sheboygan County, including Sheboygan, Kohler, and Sheboygan Falls, WI and surrounding areas in a prompt and professional manner, we have built our reputation on a commitment to providing quality services, and we have an impressive reputation with our valuable customers.

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Our Superior Area Rug Cleaning Method

For your area rugs, Badger Carpet & Floor Care uses an environmentally-friendly cleaning process known as oscillating pad extraction, or OPE. If you've ever been frustrated with area rugs that remain damp for days after cleaning, suffer from rippling and discoloration, and constantly face recurring spots and stains, then you'll be excited to discover our revolutionary cleaning system!

The OPE method involves minimal moisture use, advanced GREEN chemistry, and specially-designed equipment that thoroughly cleans every part of your area rug fibers.

Additionally, we offer a complimentary eco-friendly, pet-safe fabric protector for all residential area rug and upholstery cleaning services! This service — typically an extra charge with other cleaners often costing upwards of $0.50 per square foot — is provided by us FREE OF CHARGE!

The result? Deeply and safely cleaned area rugs that dry in about an hour.

  • - Cleaning by Certified GREEN Area Rug Cleaners
  • - 90% less water usage in cleaning process
  • - Area rugs stay cleaner for a longer period
  • - No sticky residues left behind
  • - No disruption with running vehicle engines, open doors, or dirty hoses
  • - No hidden fees or up-selling tactics
  • - Our GREEN Cleaning ensures a healthy indoor environment for you and your family

Stains & High-Traffic Areas

Hosting guests or organizing a family gathering but concerned about your uncleaned area rugs? We can eliminate those tough stains, and our cleaning method helps prevent their return. High-traffic areas in rugs often suffer from fiber damage due to excessive wear and insufficient prior cleaning. But Badger Carpet & Floor Care can provide an extreme clean to these troubled spots, revitalizing your area rugs.

Health & Appearance

For those aiming to maintain the pristine appearance of their area rugs and upholstery, and desiring the health benefits of professional cleaning, Badger Carpet & Floor Care utilizes the eco-friendly oscillating pad extraction (OPE) method. Say goodbye to enduring damp rugs, unsightly rippling and browning, and persistent spots and stains. Our OPE method minimizes moisture use, incorporates new GREEN chemistry, and employs machines specifically designed to clean every side of your area rug fibers without causing over-wetting.

Anti-Allergen Treatment

Our fabric protector also doubles as an Anti-Allergen, ideal for individuals with chronic seasonal or indoor allergies. It's pet-safe, eco-friendly, and Teflon-free. As with all our residential area rug and upholstery cleaning jobs, this protective treatment is applied absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!