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Tile Floor / Showers & Grout Cleaning

SINCE 1991

Expert Tile and Grout Cleaning
Floors and Showers

Using a combination of traditional and modern techniques, Badger Carpet & Floor Care can clean all of your tiled surfaces. Ceramic and Porcelain Tile floor cleaning is necessary to ensure that your flooring remains in optimal condition. We are here to help preserve the life of your tile and grout!

professional tile cleaning showers

Grout: Stained, Cracked, Missing

Tile floors that have not experienced a deep, professional cleaning may have grout that is more than just dirty. Most floor tiles are resilient and cleaning them is rather easy. Grout, on the other hand, is a porous material, and it can become stained if not properly cared for. It is also prone to cracking. Badger Carpet & Floor Care excels at cleaning those difficult floors, and we can repair and replace the broken grout and missing caulk of your showers, floors, and backsplashes.

Tile Shower Mineral & Soap Residue

Showers are notoriously difficult to keep clean. Not all of the soap residue and mineral deposits from your well or municipal water system get rinsed down the drain with each use. They tend to hang around, and they first become visible in grout lines and shower doors. But minerals and residue clings to all surfaces in your shower. A professional cleaning from Badger Carpet & Floor Care will make your showers look like new!

Kitchens, Bathrooms, Entrances

professional tile cleaning floors

The most frequented parts of your home accumulate dirt faster than other areas (duh!). Kitchens gather cooking oils, entrances from the outside collect soiling, and bathrooms harbor germs. Consistent and regular professional cleaning is essential to maintain the appearance of your tile floors and provide you with the health benefits associated with clean floors.

Ceramic Coating for Tile & Grout

Getting your tile and grout clean is one thing. But most people want to keep them that way. How can this be done? By sealing your tile and grout with a clear, non-yellowing coating. Get years of protection for your floor with a ceramic coating application by Badger Carpet & Floor Care. Look at all the benefits:

  • - Closes the pores in grout and tile so that there is no place for odor-causing substances to become embedded
  • - Harsh cleaning chemicals not needed — safer for cleaning crews and residents
  • - Routine cleanings are more effective, because contaminants cannot soak into porous grout
  • - Deep grout cleaning no longer necessary
  • - Re-application is quick with minimal disruption
  • - 3-year warranty against yellowing, de-lamination, and premature wear

Grout Color Sealing

Sometimes grout becomes stained. But even when it's clean, grout (like concrete) is not completely uniform. There can be areas of imperfection or color inconsistencies. That's where color sealing can save the day! Badger Carpet & Floor Care can clean your grout, then apply a color sealing to the grout lines. The clean, uniform look that you are seeking from your tile floor is possible!

Tile Floor Maintenance

Tile is very popular and long-known for its resiliency and durability that is unmatched by most other flooring surfaces. When glazed, tiles have a protective barrier from dirt, water, stains, and chemicals — making them easy to maintain.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile floor cleaning is necessary to ensure that your flooring remains in optimal condition. Badger Carpet & Floor Care is here to help preserve the life of your tile and grout!

When it comes to maintaining your tile floors, the tile is pretty easy to clean. But if your floor is grouted, that can be difficult to keep looking good. Grout, unlike most tile, is porous, and it has a tendency to absorb spills and hold onto dirt. In order to minimize how dirty your grout gets, sweep and vacuum — a lot! Dust, dirt, and hair accumulate on floors, and dry pickup is the best way to remove them. Vacuum well and often — preferably using a canister vac with a soft bristle wand head.

Once your floors are free of dry soiling, damp mop without flooding. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when cleaning tile is spreading mud from the tiles down into the grout lines. The dirt on your floors is on the tiles (you're not walking on the grout). The last thing you want to do is wet that dirt (mud) and push it around until it settles into your grout lines.

Tip: Use a flat, microfiber mop on a mop holder/pole. Apply your cleaning solution to the mop, NOT ONTO THE FLOOR. Use the damp (not soaking wet) mop, and begin mopping your floors.

After you damp-mop a small section, remove the damp mop and put a dry mop on the holder and wipe up the area you just cleaned.

Change mops often — a kitchen floor alone may require several mops to make clean.

But for all the effort you put forth into maintaining your floors, years of dirt buildup happens, and your tile and grout can become nearly impossible to get COMPLETELY clean without professional equipment. It's not much different than dental care: you can regularly brush, floss, and gargle on your own, but your efforts can never really replicate the cleaning performed by a professional hygienist at the dentist office.

Badger Carpet & Floor Care is NOT certified in dental care, but we will bring those tile floors of yours back to like-new condition!

We encourage homeowners and business owners to continue a maintenance regimen, but then periodically have floors professionally cleaned. Are there kids and dogs in the house? Are people walking around with bare feet or outdoors shoes? Do people visit your business establishment? Then have your tile floors professionally cleaned each and every year. For all others, every 2-3 years is often sufficient.