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Fabric Protector

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Carpet and Upholstery Protector

Protector will keep your carpet and upholstered furniture looking like new longer. When fibers are sealed, stains, in most cases, are easily removed. The protector we apply is specially formulated for carpet and upholstery fibers. When this protective coating is added to the fibers, dry soil is unable to grab hold and easily slides off when vacuumed. Protector does not prevent carpet and upholstery from getting dirty. However, it does make spot cleaning, maintenance vacuuming and professional cleaning more effective.

Protector can, and should, be applied to fibers after they are professionally cleaned to restore what has been worn off. The fiber manufacturers indicate that after two years there will be a significant loss of the original protector. Protector should definitely be applied to your heavily-used furniture areas and your carpet’s high-traffic lanes.

The benefits of applying protector include:

  • More soil removed when vacuuming & during professional cleanings
  • Better spot removal success
  • Reduction in wear & abrasion
  • UV inhibitor – less chance of color fading
  • Certified Green by EPA Design for the Environment Program
  • Safe for use on wool
  • Approved safe for children & pets

Remember, clean and protect your carpet and upholstery before you notice defined dark areas forming on your chair’s arms and headrest or on your carpet’s high-traffic lanes. Otherwise, it may be too late for even a professional cleaning to return them to like-new condition.

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