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Natural Stone
Floor Cleaning

SINCE 1991

We Clean Natural Stone Floors

professional repair stone countertops

Badger Carpet & Floor Care can clean all of your natural stone surfaces, including natural and manmade stone. Floor cleaning is necessary to ensure that your flooring remains beautiful and in optimal condition. We are here to help preserve the life of your stone and keep it looking great!

Types of Stone:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Travertine
  • Terrazzo
  • Slate

Marble, Travertine, Terrazzo Cleaning & Sealing

Your stone floor represents a large investment. And for it to look its best, having it professionally cleaned, polished, and sealed is your best option.

You can do a quick test!
Put a small amount of water (a tablespoon is fine) on your stone, and place a bowl over it overnight. If the stone under the drop of water gets darker, that means it's absorbent.

It does not matter where the stone is located in your home — it can be a kitchen counter-top or island top, a vanity top, a marble fireplace, floor tile, or pavers. If it's natural stone, it might need sealing.

Badger Carpet & Floor Care can clean that natural stone floor, lightly hone or polish it if desired, and seal it for protection.

Granite Reconditioning & Sealing

Your granite countertop was an investment. Protect that investment by ensuring that your natural stone is sealed to prevent staining and moisture infiltration. Badger Carpet & Floor Care (who yes, does countertop maintenance as well!), will deep clean, remove hard water and mineral deposits, protect the countertop to repel water and oil stains, and finish with a high polish that returns your granite countertop to that factory finish look you used to have. Advantages of our sealer:

  • Excellent stain protection and oil and water repellency
  • V.O.C. compliant
  • Safe for kitchens and food preparation surfaces

Marble Etching

Marble is a beautiful natural stone that adds elegance and sophistication to your kitchen and bath. However, many marble owners struggle with keeping their surfaces looking like new. The greatest culprit? Etches. "Etching" takes place on the surface of marble by dulling its appearance, making it less reflective. It occurs when an acid (lemon juice, wine, coffee, and cleaning products are some common acids) comes into contact with the surface of the marble. The acid reacts with the calcium carbonate that is in the marble, and it eats away at the surface — leaving behind the etch.

Etches are different from stains. While etches are caused by chemical reactions on the surface of the marble, stains are caused by substances penetrating the marble's surface and leaving behind a mark which is often dark (etches typically appear lighter than the rest of the stone).

If etches do occur and they become an eyesore, Badger Carpet & Floor Care (yes, we do countertops too!) can correct them.

How can you prevent etching and keep your marble looking new?
Here are some tips:

  • Avoid acidic and abrasive cleaners, and instead use mild, pH-neutral cleaning products specifically designed for marble.
  • Place coasters and placemats under drinks and food to avoid spills and stains on your marble surface.
  • If a spill does occur, wipe it up immediately. This will prevent the acid from having time to create extensive damage on the marble surface. You will still be left with an etch, but it will likely be minor and easier to fix.
  • When working with acidic products in the kitchen, work on a board and/or a vinyl mat to minimize the potential for acid to come in contact with the marble.

Granite Countertop Chips

It was bound to happen eventually: whether it was an item dropped or dragged — something chipped your beautiful granite countertop. Should you have it fixed? From an appearance standpoint, the answer is purely preference. Some people may not care at all — particularly if the chip isn't in an obvious location. Others will be infuriated with the mere idea that there is an imperfection in their expensive countertop.

But no matter which category you fall under, fixing that chip goes beyond appearance. Cracks and chips are openings to the unsealed body of the stone. These openings invite water and staining that can compromise the integrity of your countertop. If the chip is located in a high-use area, it is probably best to have it professionally filled by Badger Carpet & Floor (plus Countertops!) Care.