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Hard-Surface Floors Cleaning

SINCE 1991

We Use Revolutionary
Equipment and Techniques!

Our revolutionary, low-moisture equipment and techniques allow us to safely and effectively clean and maintain your vinyl floors. Badger Carpet & Floor Care can deep-clean the following floor types to keep them looking like new:

  - Luxury Vinyl

  - Sheet Vinyl

  - Vinyl Tile

  - Rigid Core

  - Vinyl Composite (VCT)

Luxury Plank Not-So-New-Looking Anymore

Currently one of the most popular flooring choices in homes today is vinyl. Whether it’s termed vinyl plank, luxury vinyl, or vinyl tile; resilient vinyl flooring is the most widely-sold flooring in the United States. This type of floor is touted as being a low or even no-maintenance flooring option. But as most people have experienced in the years following its installation, today’s vinyl floors are incredibly difficult to get completely clean. That’s where Badger Carpet & Floor Care can help!

Homeowner Frustrations with Vinyl Floors

Here’s what we’ve heard from homeowners when they express their frustrations with their dirty vinyl floors:

“I feel like we have tried everything - swiffer pads, hot water, vinegar, dawn - the floors look cleaner, but not that shiny new look that I was hoping for.”

“I tried my steam mop, but it wasn’t enough, so I bought a bissel. Well, the collection tank is always filled with dirty water no matter how many times I go over it.”

“I have sat on the floor for hours and tried to clean every crevice but my steam mop pads constantly come up black.”

“After an entire day of cleaning my floors, I always seem to end up with a dirty cloth when I do a final cleanliness check.”

Do these sound familiar? No matter how much vacuuming, scrubbing, and steam mopping you do, the years of buildup on vinyl floors (particularly those with a textured profile) are nearly impossible to COMPLETELY remove without professional equipment. It’s not much different than dental care: you can regularly brush, floss, and gargle on your own, but your efforts can never really replicate the cleaning performed by a professional hygienist at the dentist office.

Badger Carpet & Floor Care is NOT certified in dental care, but we will bring those vinyl floors of yours back to like-new condition!

VCT Refinishing

Vinyl Composite Tile, commonly referred to as VCT, can be difficult to maintain. If you are looking to move away from in-house servicing of these floors, or you simply cannot keep up with the maintenance necessary to preserve their life and appearance, then Badger Carpet & Floor Care can help.

We offer traditional strip and wax services for facilities capable of proper, traditional maintenance.

For those struggling to maintain the professional appearance of their vinyl floors, we offer Ceramic Coatings that need little to no maintenance.

Luxury Plank Protection

How many wear layers does that luxury vinyl plank floor that you installed a few years ago still have? Today’s vinyl plank and tile comes with a ‘wear layer’ on top. This wear layer protects the sub-surface design that gives your flooring its color.

Depending on the manufacturer and quality of the vinyl, the thickness of this wear layer can be anywhere from 6-40 mils (short for millimeters). It is estimated that high-traffic areas wear off at a rate of 1-2 mils per year. Once you have worn through the wear layer, you will be walking directly on the printed picture that gives your floors its appearance.

Before that occurs — or if you simply wish to enhance the appearance of your dull-looking floor — Badger Carpet & Floor Care can apply a protective layer that will enrich the colors and add additional wear layers to preserve the life of your vinyl floor.

Ceramic Coating for VCT

Stripping and refinishing is the traditional way to maintain vinyl floors. This approach to vinyl restoration is costly, time-consuming, and disruptive on an annual basis.

Badger Carpet & Floor Care can use an advanced restoration system by applying a single coat of Ceramic Coating. Take a look at some of the advantages:

  • - No burnishing or buffing necessary during, or after, the installation
  • - Provides excellent wear resistance
  • - Never needs to be stripped — high traffic areas are easily repaired over time. Slip coefficient when wet = 0.75. Standard vinyl when wet < 0.5.
  • - No ugly build-up of material along walls or in corners
  • - 3-year warranty against yellowing, de-lamination, and premature wear